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Plymouth Home Remodeling Contractor

Home Exterior Remodeling Contractor PlymouthAutumn weather can be so short in Plymouth, MN. If you are looking for an exterior home remodeling contractor in Plymouth for your home, the best time to use them is now! At Sunrise Exteriors, we provide and install siding replacement, window installation, roofing services, and even handle storm damage repair, for anyone looking to upgrade the functionality or look of their home.

Exterior Home Remodeling Contractor Plymouth

Serving the Plymouth, MN area for many years, we have made it our goal to provide high quality services for anyone needing siding replacement, window installation, roofing services, or storm damage repair. We are a local company dedicated to making our community beautiful and most importantly, safe.

Siding Replacement

We have all types of popular siding choices for you so that your home will look beautiful no matter if you are replacing one piece of siding, or the entire exterior of your home. If your siding has multiple cracks, discoloration, or is beginning to warp, let Sunrise Exteriors come out and replace it before the cold weather hits.

Window Installation

The winter is no time to be performing window installation. Old windows can be costly as they leak cooler air into the home and let all that “paid” air out. They are high maintenance and some can still hold traces of lead in them! Enhance your home with beautiful, made for Plymouth, windows that add a nice look and much needed energy efficiency to the home.

Roofing Services

While we aren’t Santa and we don’t go down chimneys, we have been on the roof more times than Santa can ever imagine. We are a licensed, insured and highly qualified roofing contractor that can perform both roof replacement services or fix parts of a roof that may have been compromised. We have all different types of roofing products and asphalt colors and we are sure that we can find something perfect for your home!

Storm Damage Repair

Nothing is more devastating than having your safe haven damaged in a storm. Plymouth, MN receives some brutal weather throughout the season and when disaster strikes, we want you to know that you have someone on your side. As an exterior home remodeling contractor in Plymouth, Sunrise Exteriors is here to help with any type of exterior damage that may have occurred. We will work with your insurance and advocate for you to ensure that you can have the home you loved back to original, if not better, condition.

So if you live in Plymouth, MN, it’s time you gave Sunrise Exteriors a call today! We are ready to help you with all of your exterior home remodeling needs! Call us before the winter! Offering free estimates today, contact us at (612) 333-1195.


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